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Finding ourselves at the intersection of Domain, Technology & Analytics, we believe in developing a culture of curiosity. We are building cutting edge algorithms, analytical platforms, scalable infrastructure & high performance visual frameworks to bring to you powerful insights you wont find elsewhere.

  • Kumar Ramanathan

    With 25+ years of consumer marketing experience from leadership roles in Brittania, Tetrapak Pepsi & Vodafone, Kumar believes in the "Confluence of power of 'I' and the consumer’s power to know, to unlock value of enterprise data!" 

  • Sundar K

  • Vijay V

    with 13+ years of telecom experience at Vodafone and as a part of the start up team at Pi, Vijay has a healthy disregard for the status quo. His innate need to question Norma has led to enriching Pi’s DNA with constant innovations.

  • Chandrasekaran V

  • Nikhil Sathasivam

    Nikhil lives by the saying - In god we trust, all others must bring data. He connects seemingly disparate dots using data to arrive at the bigger picture. He has 10+ years of experience in converting information into insights and insights into results.

  • Ohmsaravanan Karthikeyan

    Ohmsaravanan concocts "Simple solutions for complex IT issues". His clear vision with 16+ years in Telecom IT Development, Operations, DWH solutions helps him arrive at quick quality deliverables.

  • Hemanth Gunda

    With 8 years experience in Subscriber Acquisition, Revenue Enhancement and Sales, Hemanth believes the best way is the tried and tested way, and you can't know it if you haven't tried and tested enough.

  • Anand Krishnamurthy

    Believes in the motto – You have to be odd to be Number one. With over 15 years of experience across Banking, Financial Services, Telecom, Quality – Anand drives first-time-right implementation into every consulting thought.

  • Chetan M

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

    In that sense, Chetan can be called our resident magician. With over 6 years of experience in simulation, cryptocurrencies and unstructured data, he has plenty of rabbits to pull out of the hat.

  • Balu Masilamani

    Balu Masilamani goes by the saying "smart solutions could pop up from anywhere or anyone" With more than a decade's worth of experience DWH Development & Solutions, he believes in Customer-First Approach to Successful Innovation.

  • Bhaskar G

  • Selvam S

  • Dhandapani P

    Dhandapani the tech Guru feels "Technology can do magic" with 15 years of experience in Telecom Development, Database management, Network operations he is a fast and quick adapter of new technologies.

  • Gokul S

  • Karthik Prabhakaran

  • Naren M

  • Varun Balakrishnan

  • Saravanan S

  • Shoban Babu S

  • Abishek P

  • Adithyan J

  • Ashwin V Shankar

  • Sakthi Narayanan P

  • Varadharajan K

  • Vignesh D