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Case Study

Our experience and in-depth knowledge from having worked with some of the world’s leading organizations allows us to not only suggest solutions for tough problems but also to pre-empt some of them.

Here are some case studies that might be useful to you.

Promoter target setting

Industry: FMCG

Problem Statement

A popular FMCG company was facing an issue where 3.2% of the promoter outlet sales was being paid out as commission. The requirement was to reduce the commission % paid to sales.

Our Approach

On studying the data (promoter segments, payout/sales ratio trends etc), we decided to provide them with an outlet level target distribution which was derived from a model based on past sales trends.

The How

  • Built a
    single source of truth

  • Built an
    Analytics data mart

  • Machine Learning
    model used: XG Boost classification model

Insights to action

  • Month wise outlet wise targets provided to the clients

  • Client used this as input to plan incentives and track performance


  • Our centralized, streamlined approach to Promoter target setting helped reduce commissions/sale by 0.2% in Month 1, 0.23% in Month 2 & 0.11% in Month 3 after implementation.

  • We were also able to see a 5% jump in promoters in the 90-110% achievement bracket