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How Pi is transforming and scaling client's businesses with its collaborative and intuitive mindset.


“Positive Integers brings a new perspective to old problems - they are a young and dynamic team who worked with us on cross sell, and were able to use our data to design focused campaigns which we are now implementing.”

Harsha Viji

Managing Director

“It gives me immense pleasure to write this recommendation letter for Positive Integers. We have been partnering with them for multiple projects and can vouch for the team’s efficiency, level of detail, speed of execution & most importantly their accountability on each project delivery. The team has been able to understand the business requirement in detail on each front and deliver holistic/futuristic solutions. Identifying the key challenges for each project, leveraging insights from their diverse experience and delivering tailored solutions are some of their key strengths. Each member of the team under Kumar Ramanathan's leadership, without exception, is extremely competent & genuinely interested in delivering a solution to the challenge on hand. They are not only thorough but also easy to work & are prompt to respond to all requests. I look forward to continuing a collaborative partnership.”

M. Chandrasekar

Whole-time Director & Executive Vice President, Colgate-Palmolive India

“With the help of Pi's succinct BI decks & re-structuring our campaigns to target only 25% of our prepaid base we have seen our average campaign lifts improve 9 folds with absolute incremental revenues doubled from Pre-Pi engagement. What we liked about the Sniper analysis is how granular they are and that sales can drill down to the precise location on where gross add battles are happening and whether if competitive gains in gross translate to a decline in our base.”

CK Koay

Head of Customer Management, Maxis Malaysia

“Pi has provided us with some great insights into activity in our customer base. The extensive level of modelling and variables assessed has given us actionable ideas where we can arrest some worrying trends and go after opportunities. The fact we are in a European market and Pi is based in India made no difference to the output.”

Coleman Deegan

Chief Financial Officer, Italy

“Pi has a well-experienced team that has worked in emerging market set up and understands well dynamics in the business. Their analytical capabilities and ability to work with number of variables and comprehending that into clear actionable items was extremely impressive.”

Vivek Sood

Chief Executive Officer, India

“It was a pleasure to work with Positive Integers. The team showed a real interest in our business and challenges. They made the whole process feel quiet seamless and easy, in spite of working remotely. Obstacles were systematically removed, resulting in an excellent analysis which was valued and able to be actioned by our business. Positive Integers delivered to a high standard with a level of capability, insight and cost that we could not match locally. The stand out, though, were the people, who we regarded as part of our team.”

Greg Campbell

Chief Marketing Officer, New Zealand

“Pi has been extremely diligent & cooperative in their approach and adherence to timelines. High quality output was useful from a decision making perspective. It was a pleasure working with Pi.”

Subhir Ghosh

Resident Director, India

“Pi reports covered different dimensions and granularity. Along with trends, slice and dice segment covered different aspects of the main KPIs. Sniper report was very insightful; Also in deep dives, they have provided specific focus area’s for the different territories which also helped us to understand improvement area’s for the territories.”

Dilip Pal

Chief Financial Officer, Bangladesh

“I enjoyed working with Pi. They understand the new and more complex customer management life cycle. It's important that we not only mine the data but that is then turned into actionable insights that the commercial team can turn into one to one solutions and segmented campaigns. I have worked with them in 3 countries and the key difference is that they work beyond the brief. Understand the market the business and the customers. Driven. Cost conscious and on time. I was pleased that they understood the IT and data collection environment to ensure complexity is managed. I recommend Pi as a partner to drive the next phase of growth.”

Kyle Whitehill

Chief Executive Officer, Qatar