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Our Work

Our core belief is that
"Every customer has different needs".

Analyzing customer behavior and needs within and outside the enterprise, connecting the dots and presenting them with relevant offers and services is at the fulcrum of our solutions.
Through Pi’s data lens, we look at data a little differently.

Structured internal data along with unstructured external data is analyzed, explored, connected, extrapolated and evolved to form actionable solutions.

With deep experience combined with diverse capabilities on tools and techniques

we have arrived at a decision science framework that we deploy to solve any and all of our business problems.

  • Data Discovery

    Identifying disparate data sources, assessing data availability from internal and external sources & clean up of data.

  • Data Engineering

    Access to disparate data sources and creation of single views using extracted, derived and computed variables. Constant enrichment of the single views through aggregation of additional internal and publicly available relevant external data.

  • Data Visualisation

    Creation of interactive reports and dashboards through a combination of KPIs and dimensions.

  • Data Analysis

    Use the interactive reports and dashboards to form a 360 degree view to the business for the marketer and help identify key insights /business opportunities.

  • Data Analytics

    Conversion of Opportunities into action framework through deep dives, analyses and statistical models (predictive, behavioral) using best in class tools and data science techniques.

  • Execution & Evaluation

    Aid client team on execution and build a robust evaluation framework to identify campaign improvement areas and demonstrate clear business impact.

  • Tech Agnostic

    Approach is to leverage client infrastructure.

  • Confluence

    A business outcome requires a confluence of domain, tech and math specialists to deliver on output.

  • Bespoke

    Bespoke solutions coming from co-creation with users for highest quality and actionability in output.

  • Contextual

    Smart and relevant reporting and analytics data mart with business context infused for sharper lifts and actionable insights.

  • ROI Driven

    Decision science solution to solving problem statements and delivering ROI.

    Constantly improving Machine learning and deep learning techniques.

  • Nimble footed

    Seamless integration of output with client IT stack Ongoing optimization factoring user input and dynamic business scenario.