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This is what makes us work hard, this is what sets us apart.Here’s the most rewarding part of our journey –

Sustainable, Scalable Impact that makes the world a better place, every day!

  • 3 million

    retail outlets influenced by AI/ML Recommendation Engine

  • 25000

    schemes evaluated using ML based evaluation tool tailor-made for FMCGs

  • 75 million

    customers flow through Pi AI/ML powered Next Best Action framework

  • $500 Million

    of trade spends flow through AI/ML powered Pi Trade Scheme Optimizer

  • Rs.1200 Crore

    social impact scheme efficiently monitored by Pi for the Government

  • 60 machine

    learning models built and integrated

  • 50+TB

    data aggregated from disparate source systems daily

  • 15

    deep learning models built and integrated

  • $900 Million

    of NBFC portfolio managed by Pi data marts

  • 100+

    external unstructured data sources brought for enrichment through crawlers/API’s

  • 100k

    cellsites optimizedusing our Asset utilization model

  • 90%

    efficiency in reports/dashboards through smart wireframes