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Case Study

Our experience and in-depth knowledge from having worked with some of the world’s leading organizations allows us to not only suggest solutions for tough problems but also to pre-empt some of them.

Here are some case studies that might be useful to you.

Customer experience score

Industry: Entertainment

Problem Statement

Client wanted to identify a way to utilise the significant amount of unstructured data in the form of user feedback to improve customer experience.

Our Approach

  • Collated data sources pertaining to customer experience.

  • Used the volume of interactions to quantify experience.

The How

  • Data collated and Dimension/KPI identified.

  • Text Mining and data transformation was done to arrive at a customer experience score (CES).

  • Enriched Data Lake.

Insights to action

  • Provided Site-level and entity-level customer experience score.

  • Identified actionable potential areas of improvement.


  • Overall CES computed.

  • Customers Segmented based on CES: Frequency of interactions and monetary value.