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Case Study

Our experience and in-depth knowledge from having worked with some of the world’s leading organizations allows us to not only suggest solutions for tough problems but also to pre-empt some of them.

Here are some case studies that might be useful to you.

Single Source of truth creation

Industry: Entertainment

Problem Statement

Client was in the business of running & managing theaters. They had developed multiple systems – across different platforms consisting of internal proprietary software, ready-to-use products. There was no uniformity in data sets as individual excel files were used for data collation.

Our Approach

  • Cleaned-up and collated data.

  • Set up a Tech Stack Advisory.

  • Set up data ETL

  • Created a data Lake.

The How

  • Identified core data sources.

  • Created detailed data dictionary.

  • Linked databases using relevant keys to create data mart.

  • Verified with generally accepted numbers trends

Insights to action

  • Process automated.

  • Data staged in real-time.

  • Normalized and integrated time across multiple systems to reflect most updated data at a common time frame.

  • Backdating of information was managed at optimum cost with accurate data updates.


  • Single source of truth created.

  • External unstructured sources of data were also integrated as an added benefit.