What we do?

Architect decision science solutions that deliver measurable impact through actionable analytics.

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We are Quirky & Creative. Get a bird's-eye view into what we do to help you make informed decisions.

Our Approach

Data aggregation & enrichment

Access to disparate data sources and creation of single views using extracted, derived and computed variables. Constant enrichment of the single views through aggregation of additional internal and publicly available relevant external data.

Insight generation

Creation of interactive reports and dashboards through a combination of KPIs and dimensions that aid a 360 degree view to the business for the marketer and help identify key insights / business opportunities.

Advanced analytics

Conversion of Opportunities into action framework through deep dives, analyses and statistical models (predictive, behavioural) using best in class tools and data science techniques.

Targeted Marketing

Collaborate with the client marketing organization to culminate analytics backed recommendations into relevant offers/communication to ensure targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

Campaign evaluation

Aid client team on execution and build a robust evaluation framework to identify campaign improvement areas and demonstrate clear business impact.


Optimize campaigns through rigorous statistical fine tuning of offers, communication and models to maximize adoptions and ROIs.

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